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If you can not phone us, fill out this form instead. Our experts will prepare a response, check out the price and availability of cable in stock, and also the possibility and timing of manufacture of the production.

About the company
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Price list
on cable-explorer products (size: 71 kb, last update: 30.09.2011)

Azov Cable Group Ltd. is a major wholesale supplier of cable products in unlimited quantities. We also have a special department that handles retail distribution.

Azov Cable Group Ltd. is one of Ukraine’s largest suppliers of cable and wire products from the following domestic and foreign manufacturers:

  • Odeskabel (Odessa);
  • Azovkabel (Berdyansk);
  • Berdyansk cable plant (Berdyansk);
  • ATE (Berdyansk);
  • Yuzhkabel (Kharkov);
  • Kamkabel (Perm’);
  • Moldovkabel (Bendery);
  • Rybinskkabel (Rybinsk);
  • Elektrokabel (Kolchugino);
  • Interkabel (Kiev);
  • and others.

Our company offers the whole range of certified cable and wire products for a variety of applications with quality assured by leading manufacturers.

Azov Cable Group Ltd. is open to cooperation with all kinds of enterprises working in different fields. Our idea of financial cooperation with partners is to provide a transparent and flexible pricing system for mutual benefit.

Our company’s advantages:

  • professionalism;
  • responsibility;
  • honesty;
  • transparency;
  • teamwork, ensuring efficient transactions at all stages;
  • flexible pricing system aimed at attracting partners with long-term cooperation in mind;
  • stability.

We would like to stress the following:

  • pricing policy is individual (depending on the volume you may get a better discount);
  • domestic deliveries done in 2-3 days (with our own transport or other carrier);
  • our cable products are of the highest quality and have all the necessary credentials.
You may place your orders by calling our sales representatives by phone, or use the on-line form. Azov Cable Group Ltd. specialists will calculate your order and give you a personal price quote.

Positive feedback, impeccable reputation and a decent, hardworking and well-coordinated team guarantee Azov Cable Group Ltd.’s stellar success.