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Price list
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Cable products

A cable is one or more electrically isolated wires running side by side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembly. This assembly is usually airtight and covered with protective material.

Cable products are used to transmit electric power or signal at a distance (high voltage power lines, electric power supply for industry, transportation and public utilities; broadband communication lines, urban telephone networks, radio and television; electrical supply to the moving working machines — excavators, peat and coal cutting machines, etc.; electric equipment of ships, aircraft, etc.).

AZOV Cable Group offers a variety of cable and wire products of different types and for different applications (LAN cables, signal cables, power cables and wires, broadband, oil-filled, fiber-optic cables, etc.). Our cable products are certified. To take a closer look at the range of our cable products either request a price-list or contact our sales representative.

Using our company’s services you will be able to buy cable in bulk, both in Ukraine and other CIS countries. The company ensures complete control and efficiency at all stages of the transaction (cable production, shipment, transportation).

We sell cable to both corporate clients and individuals, wholesale and retail. If you are interested in truly high-quality cable, you’ll find our price to be yet another argument in our favor!