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LAN cables

LAN cables are used to connect computers, hubs and switches that are based on HPNA or Ethernet technology.

To pick the right network cable, one should be aware of the limitations on the distance, the speed, and the security of the information transfer. When choosing a network cable, one must consider that the data transmission speed is limited by the distance between the subscribers of the switching network and the data security requirements. In networks three types of cable are typically used: coaxial cables, twisted pair cables and fiber-optic cables. S-ftp, for instance, is a kind of twisted pair cable that has a high degree of protection, due to the fact that each pair is sheathed in foil and the external screen is made of copper braids.

LAN cables in our catalog are divided into three groups: multi-pair cables, cables for indoor installation, and cables for outdoor installation. F-UTP and U-UTP multi-pair cables are suitable for indoor networks. Unlike the typical cable used for indoor installation, these cables have a larger number of pairs, which can be anywhere from 10 to 100. Cables for outdoor installation are designed for use in aerial communication lines, installation on exterior walls of buildings, as well as in the sewers and mines. They all are protected against electromagnetic influences and can operate continuously under external influence of frequencies up to 100MHz.